Which Church 
             (If Any) 
     is God's True Church? 

Throughout the years, the answer to this question has puzzled many Christians, and to this day, most Christians do not realize that the ancient Bible prophets provided "last days" prophecies that answer this question.  In other words, sometime during the "Last Days,"  
BEFORE Jesus returns, ONE Church on earth would fulfill Seven important "Latter-Day" Prophecies?  

Even though many churches have often proclaimed to be God's True Church... Only One Church fulfilled these seven Prophecies.    

In other words, these seven "Last Days Prophecies"... EASILY PROVE... Which Church is True.

Remember: the first step in building a close and personal relationship with Jesus, and our Heavenly Father, is to attend the Right Church.

And if Only One Church is true.... then how do we find it?

The Answer: we simply compare the different churches with these "LAST DAYS" Prophecies?

And the Only Church, in the entire world that can pass this test, is God's True Church.

           I guarantee that learning about these Seven important "Last Days" Prophecies is worth a lot more than the price of this book...