Which Church 
             (If Any) 
     is God's True Church Today? 

Throughout the generations, the answer to this one simple question has puzzled many Christians, and to this day, most Christians have no idea that the ancient Bible prophets predicted that sometime during the "Last Days," ONE Church would arrive on earth and fulfill Seven important "Latter-Day" Prophecies?  Even though the modern world is filled with many different churches, in reality, only two churches exist: One church is the church of the Lamb of God while the other churches are the church of the devil.  Therefore, if this is true, then how can we find this one true church on earth, today?

The only way is to find out which church fulfilled the Seven Last Days Prophecies is to read this book.                                                         

The following prophecies are also fully explained in plain and simple language:

Ezekiel 4:1-6
Jeremiah 25:12 and 29:10
The Sabbath Year prophecies
The 70 years in prophecy
Daniel 9:24-27 and full explanation of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9:24
The "commandment to restore" prophecy
The "Desolations" prophecies
Daniel 12:11-12 
Daniel 12:4 and the "Restoration" explained
Daniel 11:32-34 and the Holy Bible
Isaiah 60:1-3 and "Thy Light" explained
How Daniels "ten kings" prophecy was fulfilled
Daniel 2:38-43 fully explained
Daniel 7:3-7
Daniel 2:41-42
Daniel 2:44
The rise to power of the 6th kingdom explained.  
Daniel 2:34-35
How Daniel's "Sanctuary be Cleansed" prophecy was fulfilled
The "restitution of all things" prophecy explained 

No other Book on earth explains this many bible prophecies... 

And this is the only book that fully explains how Daniel's "ten kings" prophecy was fulfilled                                
I guarantee that learning about these Prophecies is worth a lot more than the price of this book... 

In fact your minister cannot even explain how most of these prophecies were fulfilled.